About Unleashed Dog Grooming


Our Salon...

Unleashed Dog Grooming is the Award Winning Dog Grooming Salon located in Castle Hill. We are a modern Dog Grooming business and we look to give your beloved family member the fresh air and exercise that they deserve while awaiting their pampering session.

Our hours are flexible and for those pets who may be a little nervous without their family, we can arrange their accomodation specifically for the hours needed to make them feel, look and smell wonderful!

We'll go through the process of getting to know everything about your four legged friend so that we make their experience as comfortable as possible. Whether its a short clip to keep them cool and easy maintenance, a breed specific clip or even something new you want to try out on your dog, we will use our eye for detail and gentle approach for the best pampering session.

At Unleashed Dog Grooming we make dog grooming as enjoyable as it can be for you and your pet.


Our Staff...

Emilie - Owner 

From a very young age I knew animals were my passion. I was lucky enough to help my aunty at her boarding kennel and cattery when I was only 12 years old. She taught me so much and I wanted to become a Vet Nurse just like her. During my year 10 work experience at a Vet Clinic I spent time in their dog grooming salon. Immediately I wanted to know more so I found a job at a local grooming salon. Already knowing how to handle the dogs, different breeds and general health I quickly picked up my skills and learnt not only bathing and clipping but also breed standard clips.
I then wanted to offer dog grooming that wasn't caged like most. So this became the idea for UNLEASHED Dog Grooming. I find the dogs are less stressed not being cooped up all day and its a great socialisaton for them.
I am currently studying to become a International Master Groomer which is the Nationally Recognised Qualification and also a Certified Feline Master Groomer through National Cat Groomers Institue. These have been a goal of mine for a little while and I am so pleased to be on my way to obtaining these.
In my spare time I teach my son, Zac, dog breeds haha. Zac loves all animals and loves playing with our dogs and lloking after them.

Leah - Groomer/Stylist

Leah has been with us for over a year now after attending a grooming course and we're amazed at her grooming skills. She's a natural with the dogs and they quickly feel safe and reassured in her presence. Leah has 3 dogs at home including 2 Bichon Frises that she often pratices new styles on. 

Rebecca & Elsie - Saturday Bathers

These girls are our hard working and amazing bathers that make our Saturdays such a breeze. Rebecca and Elsie are massive animal lovers and have both been with us for quite awhile now, they know the regulars well. They are always happy to massage a new dog and make it feel welcomed while learning its personality. Although you may not see them, they are working hard doing all the prep work and cleaning.

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